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Advantages of Using A Business Broker

Advantages of Using A Business Broker

As a business broker, you’re an expert in doing what you do.  But how good are you in doing things that you’ve never done before?  If you’ve never sold a business, then it could make sense to rely on an expert for assistance.  Here are some advantages of using a business broker to sell your business:

  • Access to qualified buyers. Finding potential buyers is easy. You can place an ad in the local paper or online, and in 24 hours you’ll have plenty of interest. The hard part is qualifying a buyer. Any broker worth their salt will have access to a pool of potential qualified buyers. These are buyers that have a history of reputable buying. They also screen unqualified buyers.
  • Can help you keep your sale confidential. Customers, vendors, and employees panic when they hear about a sale, and rightly so. As a third party, part of the broker’s job is to keep your sale anonymous, and out of the public space. They are contractually obligated to keep the sale secret so the business continues to run smoothly.
  • Can free you to focus on your business while they sell. As a business owner, you’re busy. Running a business is more than a full-time job. A broker’s full-time job is to facilitate the buying and selling of businesses. They can free you to run your business while they focus on the sale.
  • Knowledge of how to value a business and how to negotiate a good price. Experienced brokers have a portfolio of successful sales. They understand how to properly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a business, and how to do a proper valuation. As an intermediary, a broker should be an expert at negotiating a fair deal. If you’re meeting with a broker, ask in detail about past deals.
  • Access to financing for buyers. Good brokers have connections with investors, banks, and are able to track down other sources of funding for a buyer. The right buyer with proper financing means a better sale.

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